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5 Steps to De-Stress

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It’s only early October but it’s very clear that the stress level has already spiked among students. Whether rushing to get all our homework done before a sports game, trying to submit those college applications (sympathy goes to seniors), or cramming last minute for that history test, we are all feeling the pressure.  So how can we relieve this stress quickly before it really interferes with our health and grades? Here are 5 easy steps to de-stress. 

1. Plan Ahead

If you know that you have 2 tests tomorrow and a soccer game tonight, start studying earlier in the week so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming the night before the assessment.

2. Make use of free periods or study halls

As tempting as it may be to talk with friends or fool around during frees or study halls, these are times made for students to do work. Take advantage of this time by getting your homework for the night done so you can enjoy your evening, relaxing at home.

3.  Go to extra help

Is the difficulty of your science class creating unnecessary anxiety? Well, schedule an appointment to meet with you teacher to go over material that may be confusing to you! This is sure to make difficult concepts more clear.

4. Exercise

As silly as it might sound, 30 minutes of exercise a day will 100% make your day a little less stressful.  When you’re talking a walk, jogging or playing field hockey, your mind is concentrated on those activities rather than that APUSH DBQ waiting on your desk.


Trust me I know how hard it  can be to stay awake during school. Watching Netflix or texting your friends instead of getting those 9 hours you were always told were essential, can be prove to be detrimental.  Put the phone down, shut your computer and go to sleep at a normal hour.  Waking up feeling refreshed and energized will make it easier to tackle the day’s challenges without feeling rundown.  Sleep is ESSENTIAL to success, and should be a main priority for anyone feeling overwhelmed.  

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