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The Backpack Craze

When walking around the high school, it’s hard not to notice the 17 year olds carrying backpacks designed for toddlers. As a lower classman not so long ago, I wondered, how do people fit all their books in such a tiny backpack? I now know the answer is that they don’t. So why even go through the struggle of carrying around these miniature, sparkling backpacks? I imagined it was just a way for people to express themselves in a silly way.  Little did I know,  I would end up being one of these seniors carrying a minuscule, somewhat ridiculous backpack around everyday. 

Now that I am finally a senior I truly understand the whole backpack phenomenon.  Starting high school as a freshmen, you always think about being a senior, but you never really know what it will feel like.  I had always envisioned that seniors never did homework, went to school rarely and just hung out with their friends all the time.  Although I am guilty of a little bit of that, it is generally far from the truth.  This year is the first time I have felt like I am actually being forced into the adult world. Whether it is applying to college, driving, or anything else, many responsibilities are entirely on me.  It’s scary to go from a world of security and safety to being thrown out on our own.  Soon, many of us will head off to college and really have to advocate and be responsible for ourselves and that’s even scarier. Although 17 or 18 years is still young, we are now considered young adults and have to kiss our youth goodbye. For those of us not ready for that, our silly backpacks are a way to hold on to the feeling of being a kid again.  For me, I know my silly backpack, with the “world's cutest dog, Boo” on it, is a way to hold on to my adolescence for a little longer.  So enjoy your journey to adulthood, but remember you’re never to old to act like a kid again.


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