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Getting to Know Ms. DeBlasi

In a recent interview with Ms. DeBlasi, she offered me a look into her past, along with sharing her interests inside and outside of the Friends community.  Ms. DeBlasi grew up in the small town of Somerset, in central New Jersey. After graduating high school, DeBlasi went on to college and then graduate school in Massachusetts. Since then, DeBlasi has continued to teach for a total of ten years, this being her eleventh.  Her teaching years included teaching in Massachusetts, Mexico, Portugal, Morocco, and a charter school in the Bronx. When asked, DeBlasi clarified that these schools out of the USA were international schools, catering to students living abroad due to their parent’s job, yet serving as the local population as well.  Throughout her career, she has always taught high school English, remarking on the fact that this is first year serving as an academic counselor. Included is a piece of our interview:

How has your experience at FA been so far?

So far my experience at FA has been great!  The staff and students are all very friendly and welcoming, and I like that I have two roles here (teacher and counselor).  I think the campus is gorgeous and I love the lunch! 

What are your expectations for this year? 

I think this year will be a lot about me learning the culture of FA and getting to know as many students as I can.  I hope many will stop by to visit me, to go over their transcripts, talk about electives, or ask about out of school opportunities for participating in activities.

What were you most nervous for entering a new school?

I was most nervous about the commute!  I haven't had a car for 8 years but I had to get one to start working here.  I was particularly worried about parking at home, because I live in the city and have to find a spot on the street every day. But that's been fine and I even started carpooling with Mrs. Levy! 

What are you most looking forward to entering the FA community?

I am excited to be a part of a school where the adults and students all seem to really care about learning and education.  I am very humbled by how gifted the staff here is, and how vibrant and happy the community is.  It's a great place to come every day. 

Any other exciting or interesting facts you would like to share about yourself!

 My favorite flower is the Gerbera Daisy, and my favorite book is "The Little Prince"!   I also really hate watching movies because I can't sit still for two straight hours. In my free time I love to read on my hammock, dog-sit my friend's French Bulldog, travel, take yoga classes, and watch reruns of old TV shows on Netflix! 

My family is pretty small; I grew up with just my mother, who actually just got married this past Saturday!  I was the Maid of Honor in her wedding and it was a really special day for my whole family. 

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