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Coming Up: Cade’s Corner

Looking to be entertained? Look no further! The Friends Academy community is about to receive a new and fun way to get in touch with the happenings of the school. In collaboration with junior Cade Huseby, Inkwell will soon be publicly releasing Cade’s Corner, a YouTube channel revolving around Friends Academy.

Huseby, who has already become well known throughout the school for his personal YouTube videos, says that the channel will “mostly cover school-based topics in a satirical, late-night-show fashioned manner.” Each new episode will showcase the feature of one special guest from within our community. When inquired as to the nature of each of his guests, Huseby responded:

“[Guests] on the show… will definitely need something to talk about… Although a talent or piece of work would make for a great discussion topic, people are welcome to apply to be on the show just by emailing me with a rough idea of what they would want to ‘plug’ or talk about. We welcome students, faculty, and even teachers to be a part of the show in whatever way they want to.”

The pilot episode of the show (release date to be determined) will feature well-known musician and senior Sam Towse. “We have a few ideas already planned out to make sure it will be a fun, smooth-running, show,” said Huseby with respect to the premiere episode. After that, new episodes are expected to release weekly, although “the posting schedule will most likely vary depending on school holidays, popularity of the series, and other technical factors.” The links to new episodes of Cade’s Corner will be sent out in public emails to the whole school.

Huseby was first approached with the idea of Cade’s Corner by Inkwell editor-in-chief Olivia Fine because of his past successes in creating YouTube videos:

“I saw some weekly newscasts from other schools this summer, and I immediately thought of Cade. Knowing his talent for vlogging and video editing, I thought he would be the perfect person for the job. Also, I have heard other of students' interest in broadcast journalism and I wanted to create the opportunity for them” (Fine). Fine stated that she will produce and also help direct the production.

The two intend to gear the show towards the entire FA community. Although the channel will mostly be concerned with upper school topics- students of all ages, their parents, and teachers alike are encouraged to watch.

Huseby expressed his excitement about the upcoming segments:  “I always wanted to share these types of videos with the school and I believe this is a great way to bring a light-heartedness and fun environment into what can be a stressful one.”

Don’t miss out!

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  1. cade September 28, 2015

    This was so good!! Funny its published on my bday hahahah!!!

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