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Autumn Trends on Campus

With the start of each school year, new styles always seem to follow. Each year is different; from skater skirts to the annually updated J-Crew down-feather vest, Friends Academy style evolves and tries new ideas. This year, after observing the student body, I’ve come to the conclusion that we’ve picked up a few new tricks:

1) The style evolution of Sperry’s. It used to be all about Sperry Top-Sider’s traditional boat shoe, but the girls on campus have leveled up to the lace-up sneaker. Though there were a few pairs interspersed throughout the crowds last year, this trend has picked up since the start of school! If you’d like to jump on board with this fad, you can find them on the Sperry website.


2) The half-up, half-down bun is getting serious. I’ve spotted it around campus a few time and celebs such as Hilary Duff and J-Lo are doing it too. Why not give it a shot? It’s very simple to do. This effortlessly cute style is similar to the half-up half-down ponytail, except you put the small portion of hair into any type of bun preferable.


3) For those cold days during winter or autumn, when all you want to do is put on a giant sweater and call it a day, throw on a false-collar sweater! I’ve seen a few among the FA crowds, and even I have a couple. They are super comfy and also look like you’re wearing a collar (Shh.. don’t tell your teachers). It’s stylish, comfy, and following the rules, well, sort of. Comptoirs Des Cotonniers has adorable ones! Go check ‘em out!

                                                             Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 8.14.43 AM


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