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9 Tips to a Successful School Year

9 Tips to a Successful School Year

By Jacob Rush

            The school year is officially in full swing, and with that in mind, we here at Inkwell would like to give everybody some tips to a prosperous 2015-2016 school year.


  1. Breakfast: The most important meal of the day! It’s necessary to have your mind ready and be completely focused on schoolwork. How can you do that on an empty stomach? An apple or banana in the morning could never hurt!
  2. Relationships with teachers: It never hurts to make a friend out of a teacher especially since they are there to help you out!
  3. Don’t Cram: This can’t be said enough. It’s important to stay on top of your work, but above all else, set aside time that is designated for work so everything isn’t put off until the last minute.
  4. Stay Punctual: Being late just doesn’t look good. Arriving to both school and classes on time is an easy way to avoid conflict.
  5. Join Clubs: Friends Academy has a diverse range of clubs from CANstruction all the way to our very own student publication “Inkwell”. A great way to stay involved is to become members of all the clubs that the school offers.
  6. Branch Out: As important as academic life is, it’s also important to move out of your comfort zone to improve the social aspects of your life. The simplest thing as inviting the new guy to sit at your table can go a long way.
  7. Take Advantage of Frees: It’s easy to slack off when you have free time, but it’s a very good idea to use your free time to move ahead on work. This leaves you time at home to relax and not spend as much time worrying about every little thing.
  8. Correct Supplies: It may sound obvious, but why would anyone put themselves in a position where they don’t have adequate materials for class?!
  9. Enjoy Yourself: Above all else, this is the most essential tip to take away from this article. After all, the times you will remember most in high school will be the times you spent with your friends, not the times crammed up in bedroom studying!

Use these tips wisely and good luck to everyone this year!

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