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The 2015 AP Art Show

Elana Pinto's artwork, now on display at the AP art show
Elana Pinto’s artwork, now on display at the AP art show

As the school year is quickly coming to an end, we celebrate many graduates outstanding artwork at the AP art show, which is now on display.  This gallery features brilliant photographs, superb drawings, and even an original clothing line.  Each artist had her own approach on this creative assignment, making each project unique and innovative.   One artist,  Julianne Florez, created an authentic summer brand, “Oasis”, which features bathing suits and shoes.  Julianne created original prints, which she then printed onto her brand, giving each item a different twist.  Oasis is bright and playful, creating a new outlook on art, along with adding a distinctive aspect to the gallery. Riley Denihan’s display takes a different approach.  Her photographs demonstrate the natural elements of earth, including images of water and fields.  In addition, Riley designed a 3D fish, using different materials including wire, copper, silver, cardboard, and epoxy.

Contrasting Riley’s natural ideas are the art pieces Elana Pinto which, “focused on the physical layering and weaving of digital images”, as said in her description.  Elana used Photoshop and other softwares, to help generate her photographs, which she then weaved by hand.  Much of Elana’s art highlights similar themes, including the human body.  Elana comments, “When working to digitally manipulate photos I get results immediately, but what I enjoyed about weaving the physical versions of my photos was being able to see the end result being slowly created as I weaved”.  One can clearly see the vast amount of time put into this display, along with the hard work projected by each artist. 

The 2015 AP art show, takes a different approach on art, exemplifying various styles and techniques on ones artwork.  The gallery is overall extremely compelling, I highly recommend that you stop by the gallery and see it!

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