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Rangers vs. Islanders

There is no denying the fact that the NHL Playoff craze has taken over FA. It all began in April
when the New York Islanders and the New York Rangers qualified for the playoffs. The
Islanders faced the Washington Capitals in the first round, but came up short against
Ovechkin and the Caps. Throughout the Rangers’ run for the cup, the Friends Academy
Islander fans have continuously shown their dedication to their team: rooting for their former
opponents, the Capitals, and then the Rangers final opponents, Tampa Bay Lightning.

The playoffs have created a whirlwind of “chirping” in the FA community. Walking through the
third floor hallway in the high school on the day of Game 7 for the Rangers, you can hear the
conversations between Islander and Ranger fans. Rivalry talk has even entered morning meetings
when students announce the progress of their teams and game times. Since the Islanders
made the playoffs, surprisingly for the second year in a row, Islander fans can’t stop their
tongues. FA has become somewhat short of a “gongshow” during the playoffs: team
dedications and emotions are high, creating the NHL craze.

Although it seems that the playoffs are creating a tide in our community, it is truly unifying it.
With the communication between fans of either teams, the Rangers and Islanders, new
friendships have been made. During this run for the cup, I have enjoyed the chirps, the laughs
and short outbursts of aggression towards Islander fans. Through the talks and chirps I have
had meaningful conversations with teachers and become friends with kids I never really talked
to earlier. We may not see eye ­to ­eye but at the end of the day we’re all good ole’ hockey

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