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A Star In The Making: Kaitlyn Hardy

I recently sat down with outgoing sophomore, Kaitlyn Hardy, to learn about her past, current, and future career as a dancer.  Kaitlyn gave me a brief history of her dance career up to now, her passion beginning when she was just two years old. She began dancing at Dance Theater of Harlem studio and later moved to Alvin Ailey. In the past, Kaitlyn has participated in many different competitions nationwide, in addition to performing for several sports teams, including the Philadelphia 76ers, the New York Knicks, and the Brooklyn Nets. Moving her basic history, Kaitlyn gave me an insight on the core of her career; heres a snip of our interview:

Lizzy: How did you discover your passion for dance?

Kaitlyn: I do not remember dancing when I was younger than three as my mom took me to dance.  I really started developing my passion when I was five or six years old.

Lizzy: What is your favorite style of dance?

Kaitlyn: I like hip-hop and contemporary.

Lizzy: Is there any history of dancing in you family? (If so has that inspired you or played a role in your career?)

Kaitlyn:  Yes.  My moms third cousin, Bill Bailey, was a famous tap dancer.  Bill Bailey’s sister, Pearl Bailey, is a famous singer and dancer, who passed before I was born. This history influenced me to work harder.  I did not know about this side of the family till three years ago, but since then it has pushed me to work harder.

Lizzy: What do you see in your future with dance?

Kaitlyn:  I want to go to college in California so that I can pursue my dance career on the West Coast because I have an agent on the West Coast and New York, but I have not done any dance jobs out there, which I hope to do in the future.  I would also love to be in commercials, along with tour… a world tour would be nice!

Lizzy: How has danced played a role in your life (outside the studio)?

Kaitlyn: It’s nice. I dance a lot with my friends everywhere [outside of the studio].  It’s a good way to express ourself without speaking.  It’s also an easier way to express ourselves.

Lizzy: If there was one person you could dance with who would it be and why?

Kaitlyn: Michael Jackson.  He is the bomb! I would also love to dance with Beyonce.  What truly inspires me the most about her is the fact that she was pregnant, yet still capable to move the way she did.

Lizzy: Who is someone you look up to in the dance world? Why?

Kaitlyn: I look up to Jose Tena.  He is now on tour with Ariana Grande.  He is an older brother to me, and we used to dance together everyday.  Because of our connection, and to see his success, its truly inspiring.

Lizzy: Thank you Kaitlyn. It was an absolute pleasure having the opportunity to learn about your fascinating career and future as a dancer.

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