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Looking Back on Spirit Week 2014

A few short weeks ago, the FA Upper School student body was infused with a massive dose of spirit. In what junior Jack Deutsch dubbed as “the most wonderful time of the year,” students from all grades donned their finest costumes for Spirit Week, honoring the Homecoming weekend and the 50th annual Fall Fair. The 2014 spirit week began on a Tuesday with Decades Day, followed with Advisory Day, then Color Day, and then on Friday, Red & Black Day for the pep rally. We spoke with faculty and students to see why spirit week is so near and dear to FA’s heart.

Many enjoy Spirit Week as a time for self-expression. The class of 2015’s Grace Covelli exemplifies the creative energy and freedom of Spirit Week in each of her meticulously assembled outfits. We spoke with Grace on Color Day, when she was quite literally blue from head to toe. With her blue mohawk wig, Covelli was “making the most of it” since her old school did not have a Spirit Week.

Spirit Week presents us with a fun change of pace from FA’s regular dress code. Many agree that the chance to dress up festively is not only exciting because it gives us a break from button-downs, but also because it reveals different aspects of students’ personalities. Senior Michael Kliger boiled spirit week down to one word: “diversity.” Michael enjoys from “seeing the different and interesting sides of people” that surface during spirit week because “everybody is in their most excited mode.”

Spirit Week also provides us with a chance to indulge our eccentricities. It offers a chance for everyone – even faculty – to “take on an alter-ego.” Ms. Levy expressed excitement on Decades Day, saying, “If I could have chosen to be raised in one decade, it would have been the ’60s,”. One sophomore commented, “It was cool to see my classmates combine their love of music and their spirit in their advisory’s collective ‘phases of Miley Cyrus’ costume.” Pierce Della Ferra tagged advisory day as “a fun time,” providing him with the opportunity to “dress up like something he wouldn’t normally”. In Pierce’s case, he strayed outside the realm of everyday reality, decking himself out in short overalls and a cowboy hat. Like those of many students, his costumes and attitude were reflective of Spirit Week excitement.


The seniors set a festive and expressive tone for the school. Jacie O’Brien spoke of this when she said, “This is our grade’s chance to show what we’ve got!” Jacie, who helped create the senior spirit banner, values the togetherness fostered by Spirit Week. She expressed her class’s collective excitement for “finally reaching the top” and the desire to “make the last year an amazing one.” There is something to be said about “reaching the top”– many members of the Class of 2015 have been at FA for the majority of their educational careers. Another senior spoke of how “the school is unparalleled. FA is such a warm and vibrant community.”

This devotion to our school community was most obvious on Friday at the Pep Rally. Athletes proudly displayed their jerseys and everyone else sported their finest red and black. With grades K-12 cheering on our sports teams and welcoming Adam Hartog and Javana Clark as the Homecoming King and Queen, Quaker pride was booming. King Hartog announced that “By the looks of Spirit Week, it’s going to be a good year.”

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