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10 Amazing Halloween Costumes

Where The Wild Things Are


Making an appearance in 2008, these four friends dressed up as the monsters from Maurice Sendak’s book, “Where The Wild Things Are”.  The heads are made of paper mache, while the eyes glow in the dark, creating the full monster effect.

Mask of Emotion


This helmet, otherwise known as the Mask of Emotion, was created by Digital Media Design Department at Hongik University in Korea. Although the helmet hides your face, it displays “emoticons” that are based on the wearer’s body actions.

Jack Skellington

This Halloween costume was created by an artist who made the suit herself. The suit then fit over the stilts this “character” walked on.  Jack Skellington’s head was built over a helmet to ensure its stability; however, this was not the best design for visibility!



This costume was created by Jeff, a father from Ohio, who made the mousetrap for his 3-year-old daughter for Halloween.  The trap was basically devised as an excuse to let the parents off the hook from walking house to house: when his daughter refused to cooperate with their plan of avoiding trick or treating, Jeff compromised by incorporating her costume onto a wagon.

Rollercoaster Riders


This fantastic Halloween costume is a great one to rock with all your friends.  Each person can make their own seat and legs, making everyone’s look different, and add their own personal twist for each “rider”.  Whether it’s a big or small group, this Halloween costume is perfect for any group at any age!

Baby Burrito


The parents of this young baby had an obsession with the Mexican restaurant “Chipotle”, so for Halloween they decided to dress their baby up as their favorite meal there: a burrito.  Having made the entire costume themselves, the parents and their picture soon became an internet sensation worldwide!

Lego Couple


This married couple created their own homemade lego costume for Halloween a few years ago.  This costume was a huge success, becoming a popular hit not only on the internet, but also in mainstream trick-or-treating.

Ken and Barbie


This young couple took their costumes back to their childhood when Barbie dolls were the biggest hit around!  Making the doll boxes themselves and buying fancy clothes that resemble Barbie and Ken, these two are the perfect couple to rock this stunning and creative costume!

Obama Poster


Showing his true democratic side, this man represented another popular Halloween concept: politics.  For the past few years, many have dressed up as their favorite political characters, expressing their true beliefs and political sides.  This homemade costume is easy, yet makes a big statement.

The Simpson’s


 This family of four dressed up as Homer, Bart, Marge, and Lisa from the classic television show, “The Simpsons”.  Each member painted their face yellow and wore yellow turtlenecks under their outfits, making them look truly yellow and creating the real Simpsons effect.  This costume was overall creative and simple!

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