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Guess The Poet #1

Welcome to the first edition of Guess The Poet. This is the first in a weekly series of poems. Guess who wrote it in the comments below to win an undisclosed prize!

Take something near to you
Let it in to your soul
Then –
Let it go
Set it adrift
This will be its gift
Now hide
Dont confide
If it may return
it is now your turn
What will you decide?


  1. Struan Coleman October 27, 2014

    Pierce Dellafera

  2. Greg Petrossian October 27, 2014

    Zach Sideris

  3. Struan Coleman October 27, 2014

    Pierce Dellafera

    • Kyle Rosenbluth October 30, 2014

      Winner! Come see me for your prize.

    • Doc Garrett October 31, 2014

      Nice one, Struan!

      Any interest in moving out of Inkwell’s comments section into the article section? Or at least the anonymous poetry section? šŸ™‚

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