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Trends Of Fall 2014


Knitwear has always been in, but this season knitwear is not just sweaters and socks but also dresses, pants, and even knit jump suits! We all love comfy knit sweaters to keep us warm on a breezy day, so why not try to incorporate a new knit dress into your wardrobe?

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Fur doesn’t just keep you warm but adds personality to a dull outfit. If you are one of those people who is not pro-fur for reasons that have to do with animals then try faux fur! It’s a great way to keep the stylish aspect of fur while still not wearing a real animal’s fur.



Slip on sneakers 

They’re back!! Slip on sneakers were popular during the 80’s and 90’s and they made a come back last spring. The slip-on sneaker is the hottest shoe style right now. It’s not just a cool look but its comfortable too! I definitely recommend buying a pair of slip-on sneakers this fall.

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Camo is an “in” trend right now for the fall into winter. If you think about it, it’s a little weird that camouflage is an item of clothing people wear, considering it represents soldiers and soldiers fight in wars. Does that been we are supporting war? Just something to think about, especially at a Quaker school. Still a stylish look for the weekend, though!





One of the most chic looks right now is zippers! Lots and lots of zippers! Zippers on tee shirts, sweaters, pants, gloves, dresses, any article of clothing. Zippers are no longer just something to zip up your dress but a fashionable way to wear clothing.




Fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves give your hand warmth while also giving off an edgy persona. It’s cool to match with skinny jeans, sweaters–really anything. Fingerless gloves will always be in style. It’s such an easy piece to throw on with any outfit!


knits+GLOVES+FINGERLESS+ninafingerlessglovespurple fingerless gloves. knitted wrist warmers. knit fingerless mittens.-f34516

That’s all for this week!

(This piece was edited for style at 9 pm on 10/6/14.)

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