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Thanksgiving Traditions

Almost all of the leaves have deserted the trees. The small, cherry-colored fruits, which have a name that remains uncertain to the majority of Friends Academy students, are sprawled artfully over the campus grounds and continue to be smashed into the pavement.  A chill is in the air as students rush to class anxiously, ready to tackle last-minute tests, and trying to mentally cram material.

Thanksgiving approached quickly and the whole school is excited for a sweet week off. Thanksgiving is many students’ favorite holiday because of “the opportunity to spend time with family and just enjoy life,” said Perry Gordon with a smile. “This break gives me a little time to breathe, and I’m just excited that there is no school” he adds. This mid-November rest is a much-deserved break, especially for the Juniors and Seniors, who currently have plenty of work on their plates. Personally I cannot wait to replace my worries with some delicious turkey!

The Junior class went to Washington DC bright and early this past Sunday and will return just in time for the holiday. Junior, Juliane Florez, is heading to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with her club field hockey team. When asked how she feels about celebrating without her family this year, Juliane said (about her team), “They are my other family! I think on Thanksgiving it is important to be with people that you care about.”

Eight Friends Academy students all agreed that mashed potatoes are their favorite Thanksgiving food. Luckily, mashed potatoes are not hard to find on Turkey Day. Who needs to be with family when you have mashed potatoes anyway?

This Thanksgiving, remind yourself what you are truly thankful for, (other than a 5-day break). Have a wonderful holiday!

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