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The Halloween Assembly: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

When students entered the theater on Halloween, they were not sure what to expect. However, nobody expected to have so much fun that they would not want to hear the words “Thank you, Seniors first.”  Students were entertained by Freshman, Julia Mariani as a Snowflake, amazed by Junior Javana Clark and Sophomore Peter Bahr’s rapping skills, and even hit by lemons thanks to Mrs. Pozzi.

While people love cute costumes, Halloween is meant to be a scary holiday. Grace Covelli spooked the Upper School when she dressed as a headless horsemen, Cade Huesby terrified students and teachers alike in his Walking Dead costume, but perhaps nothing was scarier than Mr. Morris and Liam Bardong doing a duet to “What Does the Fox Say?”  Liam then stole the crowd’s heart when he sang along to Bruno Mars’ “Just the Way You Are” to one lucky lady in the theater. The auditorium literally looked like a zoo when the herd of Junior boys who dressed up as animals took the stage.  Chubaka initially led the herd but later took quite a big tumble on stage.

The teachers certainly outdid themselves as well. The math department played the cast of Alice and Wonderland and Mr. Helpern dressed as Fantastic Mr. Fox. The Kardashian Klan topped off the assembly.  Tyrone Perkins did his best Kanye West impression, while getting into a debacle with the Friends Academy authorities. The Kardashians even brought their newest family member, baby North. Overall, the Halloween Assembly was an awesome event that will be talked about for the remainder of the year.


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