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Junior Varsity Football Backup Players Parallel NFL

Friends Academy’s Varsity Football team had a big victory over Great Neck South under the lights.  The major lead that Friends Academy’s Varsity team gained against the opponents gave members on the Junior Varsity squad a chance to play during the game.  The Freshmen and Sophomore teammates proved that the football program has the potential to dramatically improve over the next few years.  Friends Academy’s Junior Varsity backup players impressed the crowd with their skill against Great Neck South’s older, Varsity football team.  The Cincinnati Bengals versus the New York Jets NFL game on October 27 paralleled Friends Academy’s final home game.  The score gap between the two NFL teams became so great that the Cincinnati Bengals placed their backup players in the game to prevent injuries of important team members and to give less noted people an opportunity to showcase their skills. The defeat of the New York Jets is very similar to Great Neck South’s defeat during the Senior’s last home game.  Both NFL teams and Friends Academy’s football squad proved that backups can be of use, even at a high playing level of the sport.

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