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Freshmen Join Student Government

“Class Representative” is a title many people desire but few people receive.

The Freshmen recently experienced the process of voting for fellow peers as school leaders for the first time. The excitement rippled through the Meeting House when nine candidates took center stage and spoke directly to the student body. Though all the speeches were persuasive and powerfully spoken, only four students could fill the spots as class representatives. Congratulations to Catherine Lori, Danny McCooey, Max Evans, and Matty Feinstein for their election to the Student Council as the Freshmen representatives. These individuals are slowly becoming more familiar with their roles.  Now, students can approach the elected representatives about concerns that pertain to the class as a whole.

9th grade student Elizabeth Panacciulli, voiced her opinion on the issue of cell phones and stated, “By giving us restrictions (on cell phone use), it makes us more likely to break the rules. We should be allowed to use them.”  Another freshman, Jacob Hutt, voiced his opinion, “I believe that [study halls] should not be forced. Sometimes I don’t have work or others don’t have work and they distract me from doing my own.  I also believe the cell phone policy should be changed so that you can check your schedule anywhere. People like me use their cell phones to see their schedules and can’t go to the library between classes to see what they have next.”

The cell phone policy, the legitimacy of study halls and many other pressing topics are currently being discussed by the Student Council.  Students should not be shy to speak up and share their opinions. The Student Council’s goal is to improve the Upper School community, and they cannot accomplish this task without hearing common obstacles and issues. The Freshmen warmly wish the newly elected class representatives luck as they embark on the journey to represent the grade.

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