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Bromance at Friends Academy

When someone mentions the name Friends Academy, several things come to mind: the advanced academics, the preppy students, and the community service opportunities. However, there exists one more aspect in the Friends Academy community that is not fully noted: the bromance. Bromance is defined as the non-sexual love and affection shared between two male friends. Many boys do not even realize that they have bromances. When asked about his friendships with other boys, one male student standing in the Quad replied, “I have never thought of us [my friends and myself] as having a bromance, but I do understand where the term comes from. I am very passionate about my guy friends. They are my brothers and I love them.”

Ironically enough, the bromances that exist in Friends Academy’s culture are not recognized among Friends Academy students; yet many students who do not attend the Academy believe that the relationship between male guy friends is especially close compared to those at their own schools.

The bromances that exist at Friends Academy are a direct result of the tight and loyal community that the faculty ensure and demonstrate.  The environment is tight-knit in the sense that every male student can approach any other male and talk to them, even if they do not have a close relationship.  Junior Matthew Feinstein explained, “Only at school do I feel like I am able to approach any guy and start a conversation even if I’ve only talked to them once or twice in my life.” The faculty and administration have created an environment where the students are constantly interacting with each other and feel as close to one another as if they have known each other since lower school.

Many male students at Friends Academy have similar views on disputes between two guys. The arguments may last a week but are resolved soon after because the bromance that exists allows boys to forgive each other and focus on more important things, such as schoolwork.

The bromances that exist in the Friends Academy community should not be underestimated.  Although bromances are played down by most, teachers and female students should not underestimate the necessity and importance of close friendships between males for their success and happiness.

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