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Shout Out to the Freshmen

After pulling through the first two tough months of school and surviving a rainy outdoor education trip, the freshman class is back and better than ever. Although this freshman class has a particularly confident group of students, the majority had some fears before coming into the Upper School. Interviews with many of the freshmen revealed a great deal about what they felt. Junior Varsity soccer star Catherine Lori said, “If there was anything I’m nervous for, it is SATs and ACTs. I am a little nervous about abiding by the rules of the upper school. It definitely is a big change from being the leaders of one school, and being a lowest point of another.” Connor Febesh said, “I like the freedom I have and the ability to do what I want. It sure is good to have free time to do things I want such as having this interview.”

No matter the environment, transitioning from middle school to upper school is daunting, but imagine making this change in a completely new community and a new social environment.  First year Friends Academy freshman, Sabrina Schamroth explained,  “I was not too nervous about being in a new school, although I was a little nervous about going into high school.” The freshmen have already discovered quite a bit about each other.

Now, the freshmen are practically at home. They are involved in sports and theatre, and participated in spirit week by decorating the quad as a “Freshmen Fiesta.”  The Class of 2017 is already demonstrating its desire to play a big role in the Friends Academy community. Spirit Week’s twitter competition made their eagerness apparent when, with the help of Mr. Helpern, the Freshmen nearly out-tweeted the Seniors. Love them or hate them, the freshmen have a great four years ahead and would like to extend big thank you to the Upper class-men for helping the freshmen feel more comfortable in their new enviroment.

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  1. Doc Garrett October 23, 2013

    Go freshpeople go!

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