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Neverwhere: A Cast Perspective

By Cameron Hellerman and Olivia Fine

The upcoming production of “Neverwhere” is quickly approaching at the end of this week- this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings at 7:30. This Friday afternoon, the Upper School will have the privilege of seeing a matinee of this unbelievable show, which  junior Parker Huseby jokingly describes as,  “not okay for children” and akin to a “modern Macbeth…except better”.

This being the first school production of Neverwhere, the Theater Department has a lot of pressure, as well as excitement, on their shoulders. “The leads [Nick McNiel(’13), Tolu Ojo(’14), Olivia Youngwall(’13), and Tyler Newitt(’13)] portray the incredible and mysterious story brilliantly”, said junior Ryan Dobrin. Not only does the set look incredible, but the actors are even better. The cast of the play has to be creative with the usage of the eerie, jungle gym like set. “The set takes the show to a whole new dimension”, explained senior and lead, Olivia Youngwall. Keyonne Session(’13) describes how “the crazy sets, the lights, and the costumes are out of this world”.

Every member of the cast has been challenged to push their boundaries. Actors have to climb all the way on top of the stage, on that dauntingly high catwalk seen in morning meetings in the theater.  Sophomore Gloria Fortuna explained how “despite being terrified of heights, it’s been a really good learning experience and [I’ve been] getting much more comfortable”.  The complexity of the set “gives the actors opportunity to explore their acting in a very physical and demanding environment”, said Dobrin. Many members of the large cast have explained how this show in particular has been one of great bonding and triumph, as well as a different area for the department to explore. “All of the hard work that every single person has turned into something that didn’t seem feasible into something spectacular”, Youngwall proclaimed.

This show is unlike any that Friends Academy has ever encountered before, and audience members are in for an artistic journey to a breathtaking and scary blending of real and fantastical worlds.


COME SEE NEVERWHERE- Thursday Feb 8, Friday Feb 9, and Saturday Feb 10 at 7:30 pm in the Helen A. Dolan Center.


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