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Insider’s Interview: Upcoming Production of “Neverwhere”

This February the Friends Academy Theater Department will put on a production of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere.

“It’s a very different show for [Friends Academy] to do, because it is an underground fantasy with different magical elements,” explained Director Andrew Geha, who describes Neverwhere as “a dark journey into this magical underworld of London.”

The author of the novel is “well-known in the industry for his genre of urban fantasy.” For example, Tim Burton’s Coraline and the movie Stardust are both based off Gaiman’s books. Geha decided to stay true to the exciting novel script-wise, but is adding “instrumental and choral Gregorian chant-like music, with no lyrics.” The winter show is always a large cast – this year it has forty-one cast members, not including crew and musicians.

And although Friends Academy production sets are always great (thank you Mr. Grant), Neverwhere‘s set should be particularly fantastic, for the action takes place literally from the top of the stage to the underground pit (see pictures).

Geha explained how this show has a different feel from ones the theater department has done before. “There’s some bloodiness and some really good humor… and a lot of good dark humor. It’s a whole lot of fun and has a good message to say in the end.”

Although the winter play will be vastly different from the light-hearted fall musical, it is sure to also be a great hit. Be sure to come see Neverwhere in early February for a unique and thrilling show. Keep checking Inkwell for more updates on the production!

Check out some sneak peak photos from rehearsals below!

Photo credit: Olivia Fine, a cast member of “Neverwhere” and Inkwell staff


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    Great piece, Cam!

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