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Sandy Sandwich Relief

On Saturday November 10th, a number of families in our Friends Academy community showed up to the cafeteria to make hundreds of sandwiches. Participants made and contributed sandwiches in relief for the victims of the horrible Hurricane Sandy. Students in all grade levels and their parents showed their support by donating boxes of clothes and toiletries as well as participating in the sandwich making. These families not only made sandwiches but also bought sandwich supplies (meat, cheese, bread, condiments, baggies, and gloves). Then they packaged the sandwiches they made in little baggies and carried the heavy boxes filled with sandwiches to the buses and cars that would be delivering the sandwiches along with donated supplies down to Long Beach. It was a wonderful turn out, several teachers participated as well as students; the result of everyone’s hard work was unbelievable. The Long Beach families were thrilled and so very appreciative of the work our FA community put into this sandwich-making and clothing and toiletry donations.
At Friends Academy, we are so fortunate to have such a service-oriented community. Our close-knit community has truly been able to come together over the past couple of weeks, as we usually do in any sort of crisis, and help each other and others in need.

Thank you to all who came out and supported last Saturday, and we hope to see you, as well as many more families, continue to attend these “beneficial-to-all” community service events!

  Photos and Article by Rosie Mangiarotti

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