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Weekly Update #7 – 2012/13

Week of Nov. 12-16

A Week



School IS Open! (please take note)

8:05am – Class Meetings in regular locations.

10:10am – Assembly followed by major clubs



ALL Comments Due

Winter Sports Begin

10:10am – Head Advisors



10:10am – No Assembly- Minor Club Meetings

10:10am – National Etymology Exam (Latin Students)



9:50am – MFW followed by Advisory (Students to review grades/comments)

7:30pm –  Re-scheduled- US Production- “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee



7:30pm – Re-scheduled- US Production- “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee



7:30pm– Re-scheduled- US Production- “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee




Looking Ahead:

Sunday Nov.18- Tues. Nov. 20 – Junior Class Trip to Washington DC

Sunday, Nov. 18  6:30pmTHE CHALLENGE – Channel 14- FA vs. Solomon Schechter! Don’t Miss it our Academic Team!

Nov. 19           10:10am – No Assembly- Major Clubs

Nov. 21-23      School and Offices Closed for Thanksgiving

Nov. 26           School Open (Faculty In-Service Day Cancelled) – Regular Monday B Week Schedule

Nov. 28           10:10am – Fall Sports Assembly

Dec. 4              Re-scheduled Admissions Open House 10:15am- 10:55am. (Main level of library will be closed at this time.)

Dec. 4              7:00pm – 12th grade Parent/Teacher Conference evening

Dec. 5             10:10am – Clubs and Activities

Dec. 5-7          PoCC Conference for Students and Adults

Dec. 7              Natural Helpers Retreat

Dec. 10            10:10am – NO Assembly- Special Rehearsal for Winter Concert

Dec. 12            10:10am – Winter Concert Final Rehearsal

Dec. 13            7:30pm – Winter Concert

Dec. 20, 21     School Open (please take note)

Apr. 1, 2          School Open (please take note)


Information/ Reminders/ Announcements:


Internet Access

Please be sure to inform your teachers if you do not have access to internet from home.  I have asked your teachers to provide you with a printed syllabus if you cannot view the portals. Also, teachers will be writing the daily HW on the board to ensure those without internet have the information needed.


Mid-Semester Grades

Please remember that your mid-semester grades are “unofficial” and do not become part of your permanent record. The purpose of the grades is to give you an understanding of your progress thus far in the first semester.


If you received a grade that you are not pleased with, it is important to develop a plan of action to improve the grade. You should speak with your teacher and discuss what you can do to improve- i.e.  Submit a draft of written work prior to due date to receive teacher feedback? Extra help- especially prior to assessments? Suggested study skills?  Time management under control?


Remember, YOU are driving your educational experience and it is important to take responsibility for your work. Your teachers are there to support you but you need to demonstrate the commitment and motivation to reach your potential.



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