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Quaker Youth Leadership Conference

This year, the Quaker Youth Leadership Conference was held at the Friends Academy campus on Long Island, New York, and was co-hosted by students and teachers from FA and the Brooklyn Friends School. The theme of the upcoming conference is “Essential Tension.” This heading encompasses the acknowledgment and examination of certain issues that apply to individual schools, in addition to the Quaker community as a whole. By “embracing” these necessary tensions, participants were able to devise appropriate ways to work with people in order to enhance their educational and social environments.

This “meeting of the minds” was a great opportunity for student leaders to converse about Quaker ideals, learn from different teachers, experience a new educational environment, meet people, and hear others’ perspectives on going to a Quaker school. There was student and teacher led discussions/workshops, a community service project, a “Coffee House” activity, and a special keynote speaker!

There were over about  140 students from 23 Quaker schools throughout the country. The 3 day excursion was a great success!

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