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Herman Cain’s Election Pains

Herman Cain, the man with the golden tie, and wealthy owner of Godfather’s Pizza, is currently the only black, Republican candidate in the upcoming presidential election. Cain, who characterizes himself as striving for the “American Dream” through his fiscal policies (e.g the 999 plan),  appears to be fairly stable at first glance. However, whether or not his acumen for selling pizza will translate to a talent for hawking an entirely different kind of wares on Capitol Hill remains in question. Considering the recent media-driven sexual abuse scandal that erupted around him, things are not looking up.

His alleged association with many women who were affiliated with his company has raised doubts about Cain’s suitability as a president. He responded to the allegations in no uncertain terms: “Never, never have I been accused of any sort of sexual harassment. I never sexually harassed anyone. This false allegation to now come up is kind of baffling” .  And yet, the scandal has hurt his standing in the polls, and led many pundits to cross him off their lists of nominees with any potential.

The skeletons in Cain’s closet have been revealed, as they always are for any person subject to public scrutiny. This scandal, as well as his underwhelming performance in debates and interviews, has tempered the popularity of this once burgeoning candidate. If Cain wants to win the nomination, he has an image to remake.

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